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Sometimes you go home from a photo gig and you know something was special that night. There is this exciting feeling you might have gotten a perfect shot - and you can not wait to get home to see it on a big screen.

When shooting Pyrohex - a super hot fire artist group - at the London Scala I had a about 15 minutes to take photos. The artists were moving quickly while juggling, dancing and breathing fire. One of the trickiest performances for a photographer to capture. The light changes constantly from super dark to super explosive bright. Something the camera can hardly adjust to in automatic mode. Everything you do here has to be on manual.

In order to get my dream shot -  the explosion of the fire breather I had to set the camera on 3 stops darker, and then I had to anticipate the performer's movements and watch when they take new fuel into their mouths and then wait for them to spit it all out in a massive fireball and hope that the light was not too bright to overexpose the shot.

Well - I got what I thought was a perfect result. Happy days!


Playgroup Festival - United Kingdom

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Playgroup Festival was one of my favourite UK festivals. With just a few thousand people it was big enough to never be boring and small enough to make friends among the crowd and to get a chance to meet them again during the next days.

I loved the silly, childish and at the same time gritty atmosphere of it - something I tried to capture with my camera.

Larissa Hadjio - Pop Up Show Opening Night

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These are a few photos from Larissa Hadjio's pop up show opening night in East London. The challenge for me here was to take candid photos in a very small place crammed full of people - making sure I am not invasive with my camera - and not to get in the way of people talking and record the event almost as I wasn't there. Plus I really tried to find as many interesting angles as possible to make sure the viewer and myself didn't get bored of it all. It's one of my favourite ways of covering events.

Red Bull Music Academy Carnival - Notting Hill, London

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One of my highlights in 2012 was definitely photographing the famous Red Bull Notting Hill Carnival party. Based underneath the A40 flyover near the popular Portobello Road market the event is packed every year with an explosive line-up of sh*t-hot urban performers and hundreds of fans who were lucky enough to win the highly sought after free tickets that Red Bull Music Academy give away on the internet prior to the events.

Legends like Major Lazer, Sean Paul and David Rodigan brought the atmosphere to a boiling point. I was dancing and jumping for hours with my camera in my hand. Especially Major Lazer knows how to perform - he was fearless and unstoppable. Respect!












Clarity Clarence Video Shoot - "Alive In The Septic Tank"

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A couple of weeks ago I covered the video shoot for the new video of Clarity Clarence "Alive In The Septic Tank" directed by Craig Murray - as you can see from the photos it was all very abstract and dark - filming on a cemetery in Stoke Newington London and in a disused anti-air-raid bunker in Dalston - 5 minutes from where I happen to live . It was a lot of fun working on it.

I can't get enough of being on any kind of movie sets - even after so many years I love watching how movies or music videos are being filmed and then compare them against the final video - which you can find on the bottom of this article.














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